Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley held a virtual media conference in Tobago today, where he indicated the numbers in the recent past have been going in the wrong direction. The Prime Minister reiterated these numbers confirmed cases, but there are a lot more persons that are infected with the virus.

As a result of the growing numbers the following measures will be in effect from April 30th 12AM to May 23rd:

  1. All restaurant and bars closed
  2. All malls closed
  3. All places of worship closed
  4. Gyms , fitness centres, beauty spas closed
  5. Casinos, cinemas closed
  6. Public service- essential service only
  7. Tobago will be limited 3 flights per day, ferries to operate at 25% capacity
  8. All tours for recreation will not be permitted

In addition, the Prime Minister added the police will be able to dictate what you do at your homes, as the fight against covid 19 continues.

The Prime Minister also announced, a decision has been taken to use the 38 000 vaccines that have been set aside to be used as second doses, will now be used as first doses. The Prime Minister says he expects more vaccines to arrive that will be used as the second vaccines, but in the worse case, ‘one dose is better than none’.

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