Patients are being turned back from the Success Village Health Centre, raising concern among persons seeking health care.

Some patients, despite reporting flu-like symptoms are being told to ‘go home and quarantine for 14 days’.


One patient told wavetvtt.com she had gone to health centre for testing, explaining that her husband has been tested positive for covid-19 and she herself began to experience flu-like symptoms over the weekend. After waiting to see the doctor, she was told by the doctor to ‘go home and quarantine for 14 days’. Another patient was told to ‘call the hotline, and the hotline will then send the information to the health centre’. This was told to the patient despite relating to the doctor he had been experiencing flu-like symptoms.

A health care worker at the health centre was heard advising patients to make use of the ‘suggestion box’ to relate their concerns. An anonymous source told wavetvtt.com, patients, not related to covid-19 have been coming to the health centre, just to be told to ‘go home’ without any meaningful work by the doctor.

wavetvtt.com contacted the Ministry of Health Corporate Communications and is awaiting a response.

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