The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee Arbitration hearing found that suspended directors Keith Clement and Ikenna Joseph was unconstitutional and should be reversed. Although the committee did agree that the perceived actions of Mr. Joseph and Mr. Clement may warrant disciplinary action, the committee felt it was done unconstitutionally.


Back in April, the two directors were suspended pending the outcome of a Disciplinary Hearing to give both parties a chance to prove their innocence.

Article 32 of the NBFTT Constitution:

    34.1 It is accepted that under these Rules, members shall not bring before the Court any disputes with The
    Federation or other members until such matters have been considered by the Dispute Tribunal or
    34.2 Where any dispute arises which cannot be dealt with under the Constitution or the Regulations of The
    Federation, such dispute shall, if any of the parties request, be reported promptly and not later than
    seven (7) days from the date of such request to the General Secretary of the Federation who shall refer
    the matter ot the Tribunal (hereinafter called the “Dispute Tribunal)
    34.3 The Tribunal shall consist of:
    i The Chairman who shall be chosen by the President of The Federation
    ii Two (2) members, one of whom shall be chosen by each party
    34.4 The Dispute Tribunal shall also function as an Appeal Board for the settlement of appeals from disputes
    heard at the Zonal level.
    34.5 Any disagreement with the decision of the Dispute Tribunal shall be referred to the decision of an
    Arbitrator to be named by the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Association. The decision of the
    Arbitrator shall be final.

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