Trinidad and Tobago Soca Warriors started the CONCACAF Gold Cup qualifiers on a winning note, in fact the team was leaps and bounds better than their showing against Bahamas and St Kitts/Nevis in last month’s World Cup Qualifiers. A 6-1 score line is not one to be taken lightly at any level.  But it has been a while that Trinidad and Tobago achieved a score line like this in a competitive final. But while the match was enjoyable, one that brought us joy and happiness, one can’t help but think about certain things, certain scenarios.

When Angus Eve announced his selections, one would ask himself, ‘where were some of these players were during Fenwick’s reign as coach?’ Granted Kevin Molino was injured and not available, but come on, anyone who follows the local Pro League, one will name Marcus Joseph as an instant pick on the Trinidad and Tobago team.

Then there are the ‘What if?’ questions: ‘What if, Angus Eve was hired as coach instead of Terry Fenwick back then?’  ‘What if Terry Fenwick picked players like Marcus Joseph?’ ‘Would Trinidad and Tobago be preparing to play in the final stage of the CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers?’. One begs to question the motive, the ability, the mental aptitude and the priorities of the last coach, former England  international Terry Fenwick.

With the 6-1 win, the Soca Warriors will now face French Guiana, who were awarded the match against Cuba on Saturday. Due to Covid-19 related travel and visa challenges, and the required Covid-19 testing regime, Cuba were not able to make the trip to the United States to play in the qualifying tournament.

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