calypso girls go down to jamaica men in ‘sunshine’ opener

TheTrinidad and Tobago Netball team lost their opening match of the Sunshine Series in Jamaica, as they fell 66-22 to the Jamaica Men’s team.


Afiesha Noel led the Calypso Girls attack with 12 goals from 16 attempts, and Kalifa Mc Collin contributed 7 goals from 8 attempts.

After the game, Trinidad and Tobago coach Althea Mc Collin praised the team, reminding the media the team is made up of a lot of rookies who are making their international debuts in the tournament. The experienced coach stated the team did well, as they were able to implement the plays they set against the bigger and stronger men team.

The Police coach added the Calypso Girls will learn from the loss and work on their flaws.

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