are you an actor/actress?

Are you an actor or actress? Are you experienced or inexperienced? Are you a comedian/comedienne? Or do you want to try acting? Then we are looking for you. WAVE is embarking on the production of a sitcom pilot: “Happy Spouse, Happy House”.

Characters Needed:

Dan- Male, African descent, around 40 years

Sandra- Female, African descent, around 38-40 years

Jeff- Male, African descent around 25 years

Stacy- Female, East Indian descent, around 25 years

Jen- Female, African descent between 11-15 years

Sam-Male, Africa descent between 11-15 years

Principal Williams- Female, above 35 years

Miss Maraj- Female, above 35 years

Principal’s secretary- Female, between 20-28 years

If interested, please send resume with a headshot and a sample of your work if applicable, to

Interest will not be accepted after Xmas Eve.

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