2015 North Zone and National Basketball Champions, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service are jetting off to Jamaica to take part in the inaugural Caribbean Law Enforcement Basketball Tournament. The competition that will see 18 teams from across the region participating, will have the region’s police, correction officers, and militaries sharing policies and ideas on combating criminal activity in their respective countries apart from playing basketball.


The TTPS, through its policies have adopted sports in an effort to combat crime, as the Police Service has teams in the TT Proleague (top tier in TT Football), North Zone Basketball, National Cricket League, Port of Spain and All Sectors Netball among other sports. ‘Wilky’ says the tournament and its objectives fall within the policies of the TTPS: “In the TTPS, we believe that sports is a medium that can be used to keep the youths away from crime. Statistically, crime is predominant between the ages of 18 and 30. If we can attract those persons of that age group to the sports, then we are on the right page”.

The tournament will mark the start of the TTPS careers of Joel Hinds, who has made the switch from Straker Nets and ‘Mickey’ Williams, who have been the Prisons livewire for years. Sgt Wilkinson is expecting a good showing from the police during the December 12-19 tournament, especially with the new acquisitions.

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