Young guard Kalique Robertson-Forrester has compared Maloney Pacers coach Christopher Jackson Charles to NBA San Antonio Spurs legendary coach, Gregg Popovich.


Having spent the last couple seasons with Detour Shak Attack, the former Stories of Success player won the last Division 2 title with the Picton, Laventille outfit, but said the time is right to go to Maloney. “I was looking at the dynamic of the Maloney pacers, and where my game was at and the things that I need to work on”. Looking at the players who would have learned the game under coach Jackson “Keyon Joseph and the Boyd Brothers (Akheem and Akheel), I felt the urge to go back to Maloney, they were an attraction”.

Robertson-Forrester says just like Popovich, “they can be up by 50”, even in the David Robinson and Tim Duncan days, he always wants more of them “He wants some ‘nasty’, he wants them to leave it all out there”.

Looking back at the time at Shak Attack, he won the under 19 division in 2017. “It was a difficult year”, having lost his uncle during the season. Robertson-Forrester revealed he always wanted to wear Shak Attack’s colours since childhood, and wanted to play with veteran guard Kurt ‘Koto’ Christian. But that did not happen, as ‘Koto’ went across to Caledonia Clippers. But he still has hopes of sharing the locker room with his favourite player.

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