The National Basketball Federation has fulfilled its promise to call the Annual General Meeting and Elections for the North Zone Basketball Commission on February 10th as the North Zone did not comply with the Federation’s directive to have the elections redone. The North Zone Executive held its elections on June 26th, 2021, and a new executive was elected. The NBFTT however deemed the elections to be unconstitutional and in September, instructed the Zone to have the election by October 17th. In the meantime, the NBFTT recognized the Executive that was elected in December 2018 as the executive in office. Two members of the 2018 executive were re-elected in June, with one not making himself available, while the other 2 members resigned before the term was completed.


The NBFTT, in the letter back in September, cited two concerns that prompted the board to refuse to acknowledge the elections: Article 8.2 of the Zonal Regulations prescribes that Clubs have the opportunity to nominate persons in writing up to 3 days prior and at the AGM. The North Zone letter communicated a cutoff date of seven (7) days prior for written and prevented nominations at the AGM.
Article 21.1: requires that the Notice of AGM and Papers for discussion be circulated
not less than fourteen (14) days prior. However, the North Zone’s Report outlined that;
“Reports will be circulated from June 21, 2021 for zonal interrogation and to ensure
timely operation of the AGM.”

The North Zone is maintaining the AGM is constitutional and accuses the NBFTT of not recognizing the elections because the results were not the results they wanted. The Zone further states that the East Zone elections had more question marks, with even Maloney Pacers challenging the veracity of the elections and AGM but the NBFTT ignored them.

The NBFTT held a general meeting with the North Zone membership, a meeting the June 2021 Executive deemed to be unconstitutional since the national body bypassed the zonal executive to call the meeting with the zonal members. That meeting raised other issues where members of at least 3 clubs indicated to the NBFTT they were not aware of the AGM and elections. The 2018 Executive insisted that all the clubs, have been in the knowledge of the AGM, registration and the elections.


In a recent meeting, held by the North Zone executive, the members who attended, unanimously decided to follow and recognize the June 2021 elected executives and pursue the matter filed by the executive with the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee, against the NBFTT. The NBFTT has since been suspended by the TTOC for an unrelated matter.

If the North Zone AGM called by the NBFTT does in fact go ahead, there will be a possible power struggle as the members have already decided to recognize the June 2021 elected members while the NBFTT will recognize the elected persons in the coming elections. Covid-19 may have stopped the play on the court, but there is a lot of action off the court. wavetvtt.com will be there to take you every step of the way.

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