Only 10 calypsonians were able to sing for the judges, when Trinbago Unified Calypso Organisation (TUCO) officials interrupted the proceedings at Grand Stand, Queens Park Savannah, according to an anonymous source. It is believed many calypsonians are not happy with the prize-giving structure, especially as reports of twelve million dollars, from the fifteen million, will be used for the infrastructure and other logistics for carnival.

Pods at the north side of the Savannah stage to be used for Carnival. $12M has gone to development leaving little for prizes

Up to late Friday, TUCO and National Carnival Committee (NCC) officials were locked in a meeting for a way forward to get the competition back on. This year, only 61 calypsonians have registered to face the judges, of which 30 will be chosen for Calypso Fiesta (Calypso Monarch Semi-Finals). The number dropped from 301 registered singers in 2020, as many of the calypsonians are unvaccinated. This has also affected the tents as a number of unvaccinated calypsonians will be missing in action this year.

The judges will not visit the tents year as all the calypsonians are expected to present to the judges at Grand Stand, Queens Park Savannah.

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