Kaiso Karavan (Thursday & Saturday) Klassic Russo (Friday) and Icons (Sunday) all experienced very low numbers as the tents opened late last week under safe zone regulations. There have been reports that Kaiso Karavan’s opener had less than 10 attendees. However, the calypso fans who stayed away missed out big time.

Veteran calypsonian, 74 year old former Calypso Monarch the Scrunter, brought back memories with mega hit ‘Woman on the Bass’ and ‘Take the Number’. The Parang Soca King explained Take the Number is very timely today as many women are still going missing. He thought it was important to remind people to “take the number of vehicles and taxis they are traveling in”, send a quick text to loved ones “so that the police would get a lead” should things go wrong.

A few of the calypsonians however, opted to sing ‘old’ calypsoes for varying reasons. Some decided to ‘save’ the calypso until they are sure that the Calypso Monarch competition is on. They want to ensure that they can use the calypso in 2023 if this year’s edition is canceled. If the calypso is sung during this season, it cannot be used for competition next year.

Icons had the biggest turnout on Sunday, as a quick count passed 30 in number. Of course, the 4-King former Calypso Monarch, Cro Cro headlines this tent and he introduced the ‘Covid Dance’, one of a few calypsoes on the Covid 19 theme. “Covid Dance’ cleverly reminds the patrons to exercise social distancing, and the other measures adopted to combat the spread of Covid-19.

The tents will take a break for one day at Queens Hall as the Extempo Prelims will take centre stage. Admission is free. Walk with your immunization card and a photo i.d.

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