It is very difficult to single out one performer at the Kaiso House tent on Friday evening at Queen’s Hall. They were all very good.

Black Sage opened the innings and was superb with ‘falsies’, a ditty calypso on the people wearing ‘accessories’ to enhance their appearance.

Multiple junior title winner, Aaron Duncan scored with a tribute to the late Lutalo Massimba, affectionately known as Brother Resistance, former President of the Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation (TUCO).

Lady Aeisha brought in the humour with ‘The Cure’, as she told the audience that she has the cure that is WHO approved with a ‘jab’.

Brother Valentino’s ‘Life is a Stage’ never gets old, as the veteran calypsonian delighted the appreciative audience with his evergreen contributions. Not slowing down, even at age 80, he doubled that with ‘Where Calypso Gone’ to the delight of the sizable audience.

Spicey’s ‘Advice’ echoed Singing Francine’s ‘Runaway’, advising women to leave abusive relationships, taking heed of the warning signs that would occur. In her own ‘spicey’ delivery, she earned two encores during her set. Mistah Shak gave a jaw-dropping performance as he sang ‘D’Mas’, even referring to the “Brown-tongue chairman who say calypsonians could sing for 2 bobs”.

The Dread Wizard, the sobriquet of Sharlan Bailey, delivered with his own composition ‘Sound of Responsibility’ and then his father’s (Mighty Shadow) monster hit ‘Dingolay’ where he had numerous patrons on their feet dancing to the music.

Singing last, Austin ‘Super Blue’ Lyons brought down the venue with old hits like Rebecca and Ethel, controlling the audience in a manner that gave him multiple Soca Monarch and Road March titles. Duane O’Connor, Calypso Kerr, Karene Asche, Br Mudada, Brown Boy, Juby and Snakey completed the Kaiso House cast.

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