“I have to be careful of how slow or fast I walk, it hurts a lot”. This is how national netballer Shernece Seemungal describes how it has been for the past 2 years since she suffered injuries on January 18th, 2020, while playing for Police Y during the All Sectors Netball League Premiere division.

The Manzanilla netballer tore her Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and Meniscus during the first quarter of Police Y’s 70-37 loss to Fire at the Tacarigua IndoorFacility. Seemungal, who plays centre court, wing attack or wing defence explained the injury happened while landing as she jumped to catch a pass from a teammate. She added while the injury happened in the first quarter, “it took a while for the ambulance to come, no one took me to the hospital. The ambulance came after the game, like an hour after”.

Police Y and Trinidad and Tobago Netball player Shernece Seemungal nursing injuries for more than 2 years

Not long after the injury, the Covid-19 pandemic forced the closure of sports throughout the world, and at first, Seemungal did not miss much netball. But since the resumption of sports, the talented player missed this country’s Tri-nation series against Jamaica and Jamaica Men last year, as well as the Commonwealth Games, played during July/August in Birmingham, England. “Based on how things are going, I am going to miss the World Cup Qualifiers which are in October, also if I don’t do anything soon, like surgery, which I have to do, I will be missing the World Cup, which is in July/August 2023 as well”.

In addition to the physical pain, Seemungal also has to endure emotional pain, as her younger sister, also a PYC and Trinidad and Tobago player, Shantel Seemungal will often share her experiences of training and trips with the national team.

Shernece and Shantel Seemungal ahead of the Netball World Cup in England in 2019.

In an effort to recover, and with the help of a teammate, Seemungal held a bar-b-que in 2021 to raise funds for the surgery. Although she said the event was a success, it did not raise enough funds for the surgery. Seemungal is hurt that her injury has been prolonged, ” it really hurts, because I know things could be done and nothing is happening…It’s like two years ago”.

Seemungal is determined to return to the court and represent this country and will welcome any assistance for her to return to good health.

Anyone who can assist can contact Shernece Seemungal at 780-0822.

*ACL injuries occur when athletes make sudden stops or have a sudden change of direction while running.

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