Ted John crossed the line in 27 minutes and 18 seconds to win the inaugural Lady Young Dash.

The Lady Young dash, in its first event, took road runners from the Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s to the Lady Young lookout and back to Queen’s Hall.

Among the women, Shardie Mahabir was the first to cross the line to claim the title. Her time as 33 minutes and 31 seconds.

The Lady Young Dash is a collaborative effort between Venture Sport Laventille East/Morvant Member of Parliament, Adrian Leonce.

A cross-section of the participants of the Lady Young Dash on Sunday. Photo Courtesy Akini Maule



  1. Ted John 27:18
  2. Guswill Goerge 27:21
  3. Nigel Simon 28:55


  1. Shardie Mahabir 33:31
  2. Jessica Bellingy 41:38
  3. Kelly Rampersad 41:59

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