Secondary School Basketball Returns After Two-Year Hiatus

By Tricia Ramkhalawan

Members of the Holy Name Convent Basketball Team posing for a photo during the 2020 TTSBA Opening Ceremony. (Photo Credit: Allison Bastien)

After a two-year hiatus as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, basketball at the secondary school level will return. The 2023 season will see a resumption to competition in the North, East and Tobago Zones (which last played in 2020), with a return to action in the South Central Zone as well.

Speaking ahead of the Opening Ceremony, President of the Trinidad and Tobago School’s Basketball Association’s (TTSBA), Allison Bastien said they are truly happy that their student athletes will be returning to the court so they can experience the value of sport participation and its ability to change lives. In a press release, Bastien further stated, “Our athletes have shown how much they love the game and have dedicated their time, and TTSBA is committed to providing the opportunity to compete and display their skills in an efficient and effective environment.”

The President and the rest of the newly elected members of TTSBA, anticipates a thrilling season as athletes are eager to return to play after all the challenges that came along with the pandemic.

The Secondary School’s Basketball Season is set for tip off with the TTSBA hosting its National Opening Ceremony at the Woodbrook Youth Facility on Friday 13 January. The Opening Ceremony gets underway at 9:30am, and will feature a Skill Challenge, 3pt Point Contest, and modified (5v5) Round Robin Female and Male Tournament.

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